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Ultherapy is the only procedure approved by the medical association to reduce mild or moderate flaccidity without the need to go through the operating room. The treatment is indicated for men or women with drooping eyebrows, sagging neck and cheeks, wrinkles in the neckline or sagging mandibular region. The radiofrequency with the heat reaches the deepest layers of the skin stimulating the existing collagen and activating the production of greater substance to give a new life to the skin. It is a painless treatment and does not cause bruising. In Clinique Chloé médico-esthétique Montréal QC, we offer the best treatment that suits your budget and the results are visible from the first moment but it is at 6 months when 80% of the reactivation of collagen is reached and after 12 months it reaches its fullness.

The Ulthera System uses micro-focused ultrasound with visualization to lift and tighten the skin through specific mechanisms. Initial results can be seen immediately after an Ultherapy treatment. Ultherapy is a technique of facial aesthetic medicine that uses ultrasounds that stimulate the growth of new deep collagen in the skin. Its mechanism is very similar to that of an ultrasound. It uses images that make it possible to see the different layers of skin tissue in order to deposit energy in the area where it is most effective. The results in this case are evident after 3 to 6 months from the intervention.

The skin does not go to the gym because the strengthening of the muscle does not affect the care of it that goes free and hand over time. This is confirmed by our infallible method based on cutting-edge technology for the treatment of excess fat and flaccidity at the body level. It reaffirms and tightens aged skins, altered after a delivery and even the dermis affected by the most severe acne. This technique is the alternative to the tummy tuck or full body lift, playing with the advantage that it does not require surgery or complex postoperative.

Thermage stretches the skin using the highest radiofrequency technology that applies heat to the epidermis stimulating the production of collagen in the innermost area, the dermis. The direct consequence is the stretching that improves the texture and tone of the skin immediately. The regeneration is gradual. Therefore the effect of the treatment is more evident after 6 months. The duration of its effects reaches up to three years. The ideal candidate is between 30 and 60 years old, and the areas where greater results are obtained are abdomen, buttocks and thighs and arms.

The excess of fat encamps at ease even in the lightest bodies and the exercise and the healthy diet are not able to satisfy it. The liposuction years was the fastest output, the lipolaser has won field as surgical technique, but the alternative to surgery exists and is called Liposonix that through electromagnetic waves breaks adipose tissue and reduces cellulite, increases the elasticity of tissues, shapes the body contour, improves the tone of the skin and also reactivates the cutaneous microcirculation.